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India right to put development ahead of appeasing climate activists, says scientist

Important Elements of India’s Climate Change Plan Wins Support from Canada

The recently announced National Action Plan for Climate Change indicates a new sign of independence among Indian political class to recognise domestic energy priorities over international hysteria on climate change.

With the approach of India’s Independence Day, this view has been expressed by expatriate Indian climate scientist, Dr. Madhav L. Khandekar, now living near Toronto, Canada.

Read whole release as it appeared in India. 

South African scientist, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, writes in South Africa's Engineering News:"This Indian report was music to my ears. I have constantly said that developing countries cannot afford to let their school children do homework at night by candle light rather than by electric light, in an effort to save on electricity production, on the basis of the flimsy evidence presented in favour of man-induced climate change."  Read Dr. Kemm's whole piece.  Dr. Kemm has an MSc and PhD (Nuclear Physics) and is a Business Strategy Consultant and Nuclear Power policy developer and CEO, Stratek Business Strategy Consultants, Pretoria, South Africa.