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Past Problems and ICSC Solutions

  Problems with past ‘climate realist’ open letters/lists ICSC Solution for “The Register”
 1  Most originate with pro-business or libertarian entities or others with obvious overarching political, financial and/or philosophical goals unrelated to climate science.  Many of these groups also work on other controversial causes, taking a right of centre perspective that distances most media.  Like climate campaigners, ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies are common, alienating the public further. As a result, reporters usually give scant coverage to such lists and so few in the public know of them. Governments therefore ignore these documents entirely. We continue to establish ICSC as an unbiased, ‘honest broker’.  ICSC remains a single-issue organization that is, and is widely seen to be, neutral politically, philosophically and financially.  We maintain strict confidentiality with regards to funders’ identities and also support and criticize politicians and others based solely on the scientific accuracy of what they say.  For example, because of our candid critique of the climate policies of Canada’s conservative government, initial accusations that ICSC was a ‘conservative front group’ have ceased and more press are now seeking our input. ICSC also criticize assertions of those who superficially appear to be ‘on our side’ when they make serious science mistakes or engage in unconstructive behavior that does not further rational science-based decision making.   ICSC avoids all ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies.
 2 Most are primarily composed of experts who are already well-know ‘climate skeptics’, some of whom are perceived to have commercial ties to the fossil fuel sector and to be conservative politically.  This too contributes to a general disinterest on the part of most press.  While ICSC welcomes the endorsement of scientists who are already well-known ‘dissenters’, we also actively seek fresh faces, especially from those who have no known political affiliation and who are still regarded as ‘untainted’ by media commentators.
 3Most lists are too small to compete from a PR perspective with the ‘thousands of scientists’ who supposedly endorse the IPCC position and the tens of thousands of scientists who are members of scientific organizations that have taken an official stance in support of the carbon dioxide-driven climate crisis hypothesis. ICSC expects to attract large numbers of scientist endorsers to ‘The Register’ for several reasons. First, we will ensure that our statements made in association with the Register are as apolitical and purely science-based as possible. Many scientists have been reluctant to endorse past declarations because they did not want to become involved in something they regarded as ‘unscientific’ or outside of their specialty. This latter problem will be solved by keeping The Register statement extremely simple and focused solely on carbon dioxide and global warming, not on policy options or economic impact.
 4 Most lists do not contain sufficient information about the scientist signatories and so reporters and others are unable to easily contact the experts for follow-up interviews or to quickly confirm their identities and qualifications. “The Register” will include full professional identification of each endorser along with areas of specialization.  For endorser scientists who are willing and able to speak with media, politicians and the public, ICSC will also include detailed contact coordinates.
 5 Many include signatories who are not experts in the field. ICSC will continue to carefully vet any and all endorsers, allowing only the most clearly qualified scientists to be included.
 6 Some large documents include scientists who have not consented to allowing their names to be listed and some even oppose the message being broadcast. Several scientists have received prominent media mention when they have insisted that their names be removed from such lists. No scientist will be included without their specific approval.
 7There does not exist one ‘go-to’ Web-based resource for all prominent open letters and declaration by climate realists.  As a consequence, most public, media and government tend to regard the occasional skeptical open letter that they do see as an anomalous instance unjustifiably contradicting the ‘overwhelming consensus’ of scientists in the field. ICSC will compile a user friendly, fully hyperlinked Web page tabulation of all major open letters and other documents from climate scientists that include the same core message as The Register.