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August 19, 2011: "Climate campaigners' attacks reveal their greatest vulnerability - the science", interview with Tom Harris on The Charles Adler Show on Sun Media TV -  broadcast August 18, 20, 21, 2011.

Watch TV interview.

Read letter to the editor (August 19, Calgary Herald) explaining that the next crucial step for Canada's government is to convene open science hearings, inviting exerts from both sides of the controversy to testify.

NOTE: Some have accused ICSC of supporting Governor Perry's Presidential bid. ICSC is non-partisan and so does not support or oppose politicians from any party. We comment on statements of participants in the climate debate based solely on their actions and the veracity of their statements. Consequently, ICSC has no reluctance to say that the climate-related statements of Governor Perry in the week of August 19th were generally correct and need to be stated more frequently by leaders in our society.

Texas Governor, and the leading Republican Presidential candidate, Rick Perry stated Wednesday that he believes
some scientists have falsified data to boost climate alarm.