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Ottawa, Ontario, April 11, 2008 Professor Tim Patterson of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada announced as new ICSC Chairman. 

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International Climate Science Coalition appoints New Chairman

Paleoclimatology Expert Professor Tim Patterson of Carleton University to chair climate realist non-profit

The Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), Mr. Tom Harris, announces the appointment of Professor Tim Patterson of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada as the new Chairman of the coalition. 


“I look forward to working with the ICSC to help promote a more rational view of global climate change throughout society,” said Professor Patterson.  “The hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide are a significant climate driver is simply that - an hypothesis, one that the much of today’s science is showing to be highly improbable.  Natural factors, such as changes in the brightness of the Sun, are clearly the major controllers of our planet’s climate.” 


Professor Patterson employs sediments, microfossils and geochemistry in his research of past and present climate change as indicated in lake and oceanic sediments.  He is the Canadian leader of the UNESCO International Geological Correlation Program Project IGCP 495 "Quaternary Land-Ocean interactions" and is also the Principal Investigator of a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Strategic Project studying the effect of past climate change on fish populations that are important to the fishing industry on the west coast of North America.  Other areas of interest include the use of microfossils and other proxies to determine sea level change rates.


Professor Patterson has published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed scientific research journals and received a 2002-2003 Carleton University Research Achievement Award in recognition of his work. 


For the past ten years, Professor Patterson has been actively involved in educating the public, media and government about the science of climate change.  Samples of these community outreach activities may be viewed on his ICSC Web page by clicking here


Professor Patterson concludes, “Funding currently allocated to the goal of ‘stopping climate change’, which is impossible – the only constant about climate is change; it changes continuously - should be immediately diverted to projects focused on reducing real pollution and helping people adapt to inevitable climate change.” 


The appointment of Professor Patterson has been warmly welcomed by ICSC Founding Chairman, Terry Dunleavy, of New Zealand, who becomes executive vice-chairman. "International acceptance of our coalition as an advocate for climate realism will be greatly enhanced with such a distinguished and highly respected scientist as Professor Patterson as our chairman," said Mr. Dunleavy.  


The ICSC is an association of scientists, economists and energy and policy experts (advisors listed here) working to promote better public understanding of climate change. ICSC provides an analysis of climate science and policy issues which, being independent of lobby groups and vested political interests, is an alternative to advice from the IPCC. ICSC thereby fosters rational, evidence-based, open discussion about all climate, and climate-related, issues.  


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