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September 6, 2011: "Enviro Watch", seven minute interview with Tom Harris on Ezra Levant's program The Source on Sun Media TV -  broadcast September 5 and 6, 2011.

"Cosmoclimatology" theory of Dr. Henrik Svensmark and the recent CLOUD experimental results simplified.

Watch TV interview.

For science references, click here.

Watch superb video summary of Svensmark's theory.

Note: Contrary to the lable on the TV video, Tom Harris has been a sessional lecturer for "Climate Change - an Earth Sciences Perspective", a second year course in the Faculty of Sciences at Carleton University. 1,500 students have taken the course, which Mr. Harris describes here.

Cosmoclimatology: Galactic cosmic rays, high energy particles travelling at
nearly the speed of light, crash into Earth's atmosphere, creating the seeds of
clouds which are believed to drive climate change.