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October 5, 2011: "Kill carbon dioxide regulations - Harper still rolling out rules that will waste billions", by Tom Harris, published in the Financial Post section of the National Post, Canada.

"Environment Minister Peter Kent needs to tell the truth at the UN COP meeting in December: Carbon dioxide is not pollution and an unbiased assessment of the science indicates that the climatic impact of our greenhouse-gas emissions is simply unknown. Canada can no longer afford to waste billions simply to appease irrational campaigners at international climate conferences."

Read whole piece.

Click image to watch Sun Media TV's Charles Adler discuss Canada's new CO2 regulations with Tom Harris on October 7.

Read the draft of "Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Regulations", published in Canada Gazette, the official newspaper of the Government of Canada. Comments are invited from the public for a 60 day period from August 27 - Oct 26, 2011 by sending an e-mail, fax or phone call to the Environment Canada representative listed here.

Listen to Mr. Harris' interview about the testimony of Minister Kent to the October 4 Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources hearing on "The Tommy Schnurmacher Show", CJAD 800 Radio, Montreal, Canada.