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  • Impact of climate change on the long-term variability of the strategically important Tibbitt to Contwoyton Winter Road, Northwest Territories (funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada—see here for more details).
  • Reconstructing climate change for the last few thousand years from fjord, estuary and coastal lake environments in British Columbia and the northeastern Pacific. Dr. Patterson has been Principal Investigator of a NSERC Strategic Project studying the effect of past climate change (on scales varying from seasonal to millennia) on fish populations that are important to the fishing industry on the west coast of North America. He was also Principal Investigator of a Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences project focused on using these records to determine climate change over the past few thousand years.
  • Climate and precipitation records as revealed over the last few millennia in bog deposits (e.g., Mer Bleue Bog).
  • Investigate of sea-level change dynamics utilizing fossil salt marsh deposits. He has conducted research on sea-level changes over the past few thousand years on the NE Irish coast. Dr. Patterson is the Canadian leader of the UNESCO International Geological Correlation Program Project "Quaternary Land-Ocean interactions". 
  • Climate change over the past several millennia archived in annually deposited sedmentary layers of stratified lakes in Ontario (e.g. Teapot Lake, Brampton, Ontario, and Pink Lake, Gatineau Park, Quebec).

Extract from Carleton University lecture about Professor Patterson's fjord,
estuary and coastal lake environments climate research.


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