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November 25, 2011: "Fix it or fold it - If the IPCC’s flaws can’t be corrected, we should leave" by Ross McKitrick, PhD, Professor of Economics, The University of Guelph, published in the Financial Post, Canada.

"For many years, attempts to encourage debate on global warming science or policy have run into the obstacle that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued definitive statements, and therefore—the reasoning goes—the era of debate is over. The IPCC is made up of thousands of the world’s top scientists, it has one of the most rigorous and exhaustive review processes in the history of science, and the oversight by 195 member governments ensures balance, transparency and accountability. Or so we are told.

"These claims about the IPCC are not true, but until relatively recently few were willing to question what they were told."

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