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February 9, 2012: "Scientific research drowning in a sea of alarmism" by Professor Bob Carter, PhD, ICSC Chief Science Advisor and Emeritus Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, published in The Australian on February 7 .

"Last week, almost 400 people attended a public meeting in Newcastle to learn about the scientific evidence that underpins sea-level change.

"The meeting was prompted by strong public discontent with Lake Macquarie City Council's new coastal planning regulations designed to accommodate a science-fiction prediction of a 91cm rise in sea level in the district by 2100. This prediction comes from the NSW government, which in turn sourced it from a UN political body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As with its unnecessarily alarmist projections of global warming, the IPCC's estimate of future sea-level rise derives from speculative computer models.

"Where, then, should the government get its advice about sea-level change instead?"

Read whole piece on The Austalian's Website (subscription needed, although conducting a Google search on "Scientific research drowning in a sea of alarmism" lets one see the page for free).

Here is the original article as submitted by Professor Carter.