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March 15, 2012: ICSC Chief Science Advisor Professor Bob Carter, PhD, Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia answers fifteen basic questions about climate change:

Click on a question to view a video of Dr. Carter addressing the issue:

Q1. Is the climate changing?

Q2. Is dangerous, human-caused warming occurring?

Q3. What does the meteorological record say?

Q4. Is the temperature currently warming or cooling?

Q5. What about the last 10,000 years?

Q6. Why does the government keep on talking about a carbon tax?

Q7. Is carbon dioxide an environmental pollutant or a benefit?

Q8. How much carbon dioxide are humans putting into the atmosphere?

Q9. How much extra warming is caused by human carbon dioxide emissions?

Q10. Are modern atmospheric carbon dioxide levels high, or dangerous?

Q11. How big a problem are Australian emissions in a global context?

Q12. How much warming will be averted by cutting Australian emissions?

Q13. What will be the cost for Australian families of a carbon dioxide tax?

Q14. Why is the government proposing such an expensive, ineffectual policy?

Q15. Give Earth the benefit of the doubt (the “precautionary principle”)?

Interviewer – Mark Pascoe  
Cameraman – Stephen Limkin                                     
Production – Mark Pascoe & Light Studios