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April 10, 2012: Alberta Senator Bert Brown  delivers climate speech before the Canadian Senate (April 4, 2012).

Speech excerpts:

"The following quotes were compiled by Dr. John Happs of Australia...

"What we do know with certainty is that carbon dioxide is not an atmospheric pollutant. It is a colourless, odourless gas that is as essential to life on Earth as is oxygen. Human activity worldwide produces a mere 3 per cent of the carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere each year. If all human carbon dioxide production stopped tomorrow, it would have no impact on carbon dioxide levels or global temperature.

"Carbon dioxide levels, though currently climbing slowly, are among the lowest they have been in a million years. When carbon dioxide levels were 10 times higher than today's levels, the Earth was in the depth of an Ice Age.

"Despite government spending over $30 billion on climate research, there is still no empirical evidence to show that carbon dioxide has any effect on global climate. Curiously, the IPCC has been unable to provide such evidence."

Read Senator Bert Brown's whole speech here.

Alberta Senator Bert Brown