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June 8, 2012: "Global warming not an issue, SACPA told" by Garrett Simmons, Lethbridge Herald, Alberta.

"So why is this great hoax being perpetuated, asked Ball. Like old radio shows that dramatized Martian invasions, doom-and-gloom climate-change talk serves to unite global citizens in the battle against a common adversary, he argued. That common adversary, however, has been based on incomplete science, according to Ball, which has been force-fed to the population through a complex system of manipulation, through the political system and through modern technology."

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Second media coverage of Dr. Ball's talk:

June 8, 2012: "Global warming ‘biggest deception in history’?", Barb Glen, The Western Producer, the leading agricultural publication targeted for Western Canadian farmers and ranchers.

"Climate changes all the time and what’s going on now is well within natural variability,” he said in an interview before his speech. “I was called a global warming skeptic. I wasn’t. What I was skeptical about was what the cause was, and it wasn’t human CO2.”

Ball said today’s concerns about climate change are “the biggest deception in history."

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Third media coverage of Dr. Ball's talk:

June 9, 2012: "Base climate change on facts and not emotion" by Lethbridge Herald editorial staff.

"But with global warming and climate change, he is correct about one thing - you do not hear much about the other side of the argument. As citizens, however, we must ask why that is. Are we being hoodwinked into believing data that has simply been skewed and carefully shaped by a small group of scientists, as Ball contends, or do the majority of experts in the field agree something is afoot with climate change, and that humans are indeed part of the reason for it?"

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