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ICSC offers ten well versed, dynamic Canadian speakers for your group, whether it be a convention, conference, school, business or community meeting. Topics vary but are all centred around presenting a realistic view of one of the most intense debates of our time - the causes and/or impacts of climate change/global warming! 

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Or choose a speaker yourself after reviewing their profiles below:

Tim Ball, PhD

Victoria, BC

Environmental consultant and award winning former climatology professor, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Specialties include the impact of climate change on human history, water resources and flora and fauna.

Dr. Ball appears regularly on radio and TV across Canada and the US.


Prof. Susan Crockford, PhD

Victoria, BC

University of Victoria professor focused on evolutionary biology and archaeozoology. Presents a 10,000 year perspective of polar bears and climate change.

Scientific publications on polar bear evolution and paleoclimate. Educates the public through talks and popular level writings.


Prof. Chris Essex, PhD

London, ON

Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics, The University of Western Ontario.

Co-author of Taken by Storm - the troubled science, policy and politics of global warming, $10K Donner Prize winner for best books on Canadian public policy.


Tom Harris, B.Eng, M.Eng.

Ottawa, ON

Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition. For the past three years has taught climate science at Carleton University, Ottawa.

Mr. Harris publishes often in newspapers across Canada and the US and appears regularly on radio and, more recently, TV.


Madhav Khandekar, PhD

Toronto, ON

Extreme weather expert and former Environment Canada Research Scientist. Contributor to the IPCC (4AR) and its counter, the NIPCC (see here).

Published ~100 climate science papers, reports, book reviews & commentaries and regularly contributes to public education.


Prof. Tad Murty, PhD

Ottawa, ON

University of Ottawa professor focussed on hurricanes and other extreme weather. An award-winning tsunami expert, has advised many governments.

Former Director of the National Tidal Facility (Australia) and Senior Research Scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Prof. Tim Patterson, PhD

 Ottawa, ON

Earth Sciences professor (paleoclimatology) at Carleton University. Uses geological fossils and other proxies to understand past climate change.

Actively involved in educating students, the public, scientists, media, industry and government about climate change.


Prof. Brian Pratt, PhD

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Award-winning University of Sask. geology professor studies the fossilized biota, sedimentary processes, paleo-environmental conditions, and tectonic history of ancient seas.

This Deep Time perspective is critical to understanding climate change over the past century.


Prof. L. Graham Smith, PhD

 London, ON

University of Western Ontario geography professor focused on environmental ideology; globalization; dynamics of change; sustainability, etc.

Award winning teacher, gifted communicator, author of over 50 publications and the blog ecomyths.


Charlene Adam, BA (English and Sociology)

Winnipeg, MB

Journalist, and mother of three, Ms. Adam is “The Skeptical Housewife”.

Drawing on her “The Global Warming Book of Revelations” she explains how faith has superseded reason in the climate debate and the potentially disastrous effects on us all.