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The global warming scare is one of the most costly and misguided mass movements ever. The belief that man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) is destroying the climate is not supported scientifically. Yet, across the world it has captured governments, corporations, the education system, and main stream media. Millions of people believe that the "science is settled" and we must act quickly or face a climate catastrophe.

Consequently, hundreds of billions of dollars are being squandered on wind turbines, solar power, and most biofuels, as well as "carbon" trading/taxation/sequestration and other expensive initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

In Canada, where ICSC is based, we have seen many problems:

  • Although the federal Government withdrew our nation from the hopelessly flawed Kyoto Protocol, they are now working with the U.N. and other nations to impose another international, legally-binding greenhouse gas reduction treaty that will operate like the Kyoto, but starting in 2020.
  • Meanwhile, the federal Government is imposing CO2 regulations sector by sector across the country at a cost of many billions.
  • On July 1, 2012, British Columbia's “carbon” tax went up 20% percent.
  • On January 1, 2013, Quebec will become the first province to fully implement a CO2 cap and trade program.
  • In an effort to "stop climate change", the Government of Ontario has approved a $7 billion contract to install wind turbines across the province despite loud objections from land owners and others.

The situation is even worse in other countries. President Barak Obama has pledged that stopping climate change will be a major plank in his re-election campaign. Twenty-nine American states and the District of Columbia now have cap-and-trade programs and/or renewable energy mandates. Australia just started its economically devastating CO2 tax laws. Europe continues its Emissions Trading System despite recent revelations that it has been an utter failure costing more than a quarter of a trillion dollars since 2005.

Funds that could be dedicated to helping vulnerable people adapt to natural climate change today are being wasted on futile attempts to stop what might, or might not, happen in half a century. At the same time, conventional power supplies are often neglected thereby threatening our energy security, triggering higher energy prices, and placing millions of jobs and the economic futures of our countries at risk.

Sadly, the global warming debate is now sharply polarized—alarmist versus skeptic, conservative versus liberal, capitalist vs socialist. The rhetoric has become venomous and no one shows any sign of changing sides. If this continues, the struggle will drag on for decades more, prolonging the economic uncertainty that plagues many nations.

A new, more inclusive approach can help end the climate debate quickly, however. Such a strategy must employ the latest research about why people come to positions on such issues—we must make it attractive for citizens of all philosophical worldviews to support a realistic stance on global warming. When the vast majority of the public demand an end to futile efforts to control climate, governments will quickly end such wasteful programs. The ICSC has carefully studied the latest research about how people form opinions about complex scientific issues. We presented on the topic at the May 2012 7th International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago (watch video here) and have written about it in the press (e.g., see here and here).

There is no organization in the world better suited to leading such a transition than the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). For the past five years, ICSC has demonstrated what can be accomplished by taking a truly international, non-partisan, science-based approach to the climate controversy. We have built a reputation with the public, media and government of being "honest brokers", a trusted organization free from vested political and commercial interests. It is now time to significantly expand our programs so that they play a more prominent role on the national stage. We ask for your financial support to help make this come about.

Generations of hard working citizens of all political stripes built the free world into nations that are admired for their prosperity, fairness and beauty. Our men and women in uniform have suffered and died to protect our liberties. Let’s not let the unsubstantiated concerns of a handful of loud, well-funded activists ruin what took us centuries to build. Help ICSC end the climate war by donating today.

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