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Letter to the editor from ICSC Executive Director, Tom Harris

Re: How Dion and his carbon tax might just survive, May 17, The Ottawa Citizen, May 23, 2008

What on Earth is a "carbon tax?" Or, a "carbon floor?" Or, for that matter, carbon emissions, carbon footprint, carbon trading and all the other carbons that inundate the talk of politicians these days? Are we concerned about soot emissions (that is, amorphous, or structureless carbon, a serious pollutant), graphite or even diamonds? Those are what carbon is. Maybe throwing a graphite pencil up into the air should be considered part of the Earth's carbon budget.

Of course, what is really being addressed are "carbon dioxide taxes" or "carbon dioxide trading." This is not merely an academic point but is part of the way in which language has been distorted to bolster concerns about human-caused climate change.

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