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November 8, 2012: "Cometh the storm, cometh the climate lies - Hurricane Sandy was not due to global warming, and the Climate Commission is wrong to claim otherwise", by ICSC Science Advisory Board member, William Kininmonth, a meteorologist and former head of the National Climate Centre, and ICSC Chief Science Advisor, Professor Bob Carter, a palaeoclimatologist and a senior editor of the 2010 NIPCC report, Climate Change Reconsidered.

Published in The Age, Melbourne, Australia.

Hurricane Sandy centered over the Bahamas. Photo: AFP
"It is both costly and futile to try to minimise climate hazard through global engineering. In particular, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide does not reduce climate risk. Instead, the cost-effective approach to dealing with all climate hazard, both natural and possibly human, is to prepare better for, and adapt better to, damaging events as they occur."
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