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December 18, 2013: “Coal Must Embrace All-Out Battle with Eco-Bullies - Meekly accepting blame for climate change dooms the industry and the greater economy”, by Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris, published by Los Angeles-based PJ Media (5 million separate readers a month).

“A reasonable person would expect coal to proclaim their industry’s innocence of the climate crime of which they stand accused, using the overwhelming evidence that global warming fears are greatly exaggerated. 

“But, no, with only a few exceptions, coal leaders plead guilty to producing “climate-change emissions,”…they throw themselves at the mercy of the court of public opinion, complaining that hundreds of thousands of coal sector workers will lose their jobs and that prices will skyrocket as the nation’s least expensive source of electricity is turned off. 

“The relaxed response from climate activists to these messages tells us that this approach has no chance of working.”

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Inexpensive, abundant coal provides about 40% of America's electricity.
If US President Barack Obama's 'war on coal' succeeds in killing the industry, 
hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, prices will skyrocket, and the
country's energy security will be compromised. All this is in the name of
'stopping dangerous global warming' that is not happening but Obama maintains threatens us all (image courtesy of