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January 3, 2014: "Lack of accountability clouding the climate change debate - The world's so-called authority on climate change engages in exaggerated science and has become a political tool" by John McLean, climate data analyst and a member of ICSC's Policy Advisory Board based in Melbourne, Australia. Published in The Brisbane Times, Australia.

"Foremost among those who imply that the IPCC has a wider remit than it does is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). At its inaugural meeting in 1992 the UNFCCC declared that anthropogenic emissions of CO2 were causing significant and dangerous climate change.

Illustration by John Spooner as it appeared in the Brisbane Times.

"This statement had no factual basis. It was the IPCC's role to determine if this was correct. It certainly hadn't done so by 1992 and despite its assertions it still hasn't produced credible evidence to support that claim."

Read whole piece here.