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April 2, 2014: "Kerry’s first Policy Guidance out of touch with climate realities", by Tom Harris, published in the Times-Republican, "Central Iowa's Daily Newspaper", Marshalltown, Iowa, U.S.A.

"Kerry ruined his credibility on the issue when he told agency staff that “The scientific facts are coming back to us in a stronger fashion and with greater urgency than ever before.” The September 2013 report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change demonstrates that much of what we thought we knew about climate is wrong or highly debatable. The science is becoming more unsettled as the field advances. The secretary’s push for a “whole-of-government approach to speed the transition to a low-carbon” energy future is vastly premature.

"We should focus on adapting to climate change, not vainly trying to stop it. Adaptation measures should include upgrading our heating, cooling, and irrigation systems, relocating populations living in dangerous areas, burying electrical and communications cables underground, reinforcing infra- structure, and preparing for continuing sea level rise, a phenomenon that has gone on for 10,000 years and is not likely to end any time soon. To do this we will need massive quantities of inexpensive, high quality, reliable power.

"Yet in discussing his solutions to these dangers, Kerry promotes wind and solar power, the least reliable and most expensive options available. Moving away from coal and other hydrocarbon fuels to flimsy alternative power sources because of climate concerns would be suicide."

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