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May 5, 2014: Kilez More - Klimawandel (Klimal├╝ge, Klimaschwindel) + English subtitles, Austria.

When popular social crusaders like Austrian rap musician Kilez More 'diss' the climate scare, you know the movement is in trouble.

Description on YouTube page as translated directly from the original German:

"The "Climate Change" video from the "Status Quo" CD is about the global warming and its associated mass propaganda. It unmasks the current "consensus" as a monumental lie and sets out the machinations of the protagonists brutally frank in this bottle game.

"The unbiased, blind acceptance of these theses by the mass media (as it was then in the "forest death") is also denounced as the resulting vision "derselbigen"A true scientific debate must follow, critics consulted and all, or just too controversial and contrary facts and studies are taken into account."

Click on image to watch climate video by social activist and rapper, Kilez More.

Watch video.

Watch Kilez More's description of what he regards as the real problems facing humanity, issues which are being starved of cash due to the billion dollars a day wasted on the climate scare.

Learn about Kilez More (if you speak German). 

ICSC comment: The most important thing this generation of environmentalists could do is kick the climate campaigners off the stage. When the climate scare collapses, as it surely will, environmentalism in general will be disgraced and the good causes they are fighting for will not be taken seriously by the public and the press. Then governments will turn back the environmental clock by decades. ICSC Executive Director Tom Harris discussed this on CJBK Radio in London, Ontario on April 21, 2014 - click on the following title to listen in: CLIMATE CONSENSUS AN URBAN LEGEND