March 14, 2015: The Ontario Government invites public feedback on their Climate Change Discussion Paper in their open town hall meetings currently being held across Ontario. Here are the five remaining sessions (all are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm):

  1. March 16 in Hamilton at the McMaster Innovation Park, 175 Longwood Road South

  2. March 18 in Guelph at the University of Guelph Arboretum on College Avenue East

  3. March 18 in Aurora at the Aurora Cultural Centre, 22 Church Street

  4. March 19 in Windsor at the Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Drive

  5. March 19 in Kitchener-Waterloo at the Kitchener Public Library, 85 Queen Street North

Climate change extremists will be out in force. Normal people need to be there too, or the government will conclude we don't care and a tax (or other 'carbon pricing' mechanism) to 'stop climate change' will be added to your bills starting in the spring!

Summary of Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015: https://www.ontario.ca/environment-and-energy/climate-change-consultation

Logistics: http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-External/displaynoticecontent.do?noticeId=MTI0Mzcz&statusId=MTg3MjY0&language=en

The whole document: http://www.downloads.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/env_reg/er/documents/2015/012-3452.pdf 

Written comments from the public are invited as well by completing the following form:


Listen to CFRA Ottawa Radio's John Counsell and ICSC's Tom Harris discuss the science problems with the government plans at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOus5wOxWpQ.

A more detailed discussion was held on CFRA on February 14 with Nick Vandergragt as can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jssA9vbsTc8.