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January 12, 2016: ICSC has taken out the following radio ads on Washington DC area radio stations:

  • Click here to listen to the radio ad as broadcast on WTOP radio.

  • Click here to listen to the radio ad as broadcast on WMAL radio.

 Although the voice is different, the text of both radio ads is the same and is as follows: 

"President Obama wants to eliminate coal, our cheapest electricity source, in a vain attempt to control Earth's climate. Power costs will soar with millions of jobs lost.

"Science does not support Obama’s actions. Climate will continue to change no matter what we do.

"Moreover, developing countries emit the most carbon dioxide. But under the Paris Agreement they don't need to make any reductions. So even if the UN's science were correct, America's sacrifice would be for nothing."

NOTE: People may ask how it is that developing nations don't need to make any reductions under the Paris Agreement. That is the topic of the ICSC opinion piece published today in The Daily Caller, Washington DC:

"Time For Obama To Tell The Truth About Paris Climate Agreement," click here to read the piece!