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April 7, 2016: "Hanging together to save affordable power - Conventional energy suppliers are all threatened by radical green advocates," by Tom Harris, published in The Washington Times, Washington DC.

"Throughout history, clever strategists have taken advantage of divisions within the ranks of their enemies to win otherwise unlikely victories. Military leaders would play tribe against tribe, province against province and then prey on the weaknesses that disunity brings.

"For example, while the Gauls were militarily as strong as the Romans, after centuries of tribal independence, the Gallic tribes would not work together to repel Julius Caesar. When Vercingetorix finally forged an alliance between all the Gallic tribes, it was too late. The newly organized Gauls were no match for Caesar’s forces, who easily subjugated the country. After five years of imprisonment, Vercingetorix was paraded through Rome and then executed by strangulation.

"A similar fate awaits America’s primary energy suppliers — coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and hydro — if they do not band together to fight environmental extremism. After all, groups such as the Sierra Club, and many of their opportunistic proxies in government, are out to destroy them all.

"The Sierra Club’s “Energy Resources Policy,” adopted by its board of directors on Oct. 22, 2015, is a case in point. Among the resources opposed by the Sierra Club are: ..."

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