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September 7, 2017: Concerning the quotes from Tom Harris in "Feds halt probe of climate doubters," published in The National Observer on September 7, 2017, here is the full statement provided to reporter Carl Meyer:

"The complainants apparently think that they know the truth about the causes and consequences of climate change. But this makes no sense. This is not just because the science is enormously complicated with scientists' holding at times radically different points of view. It is also because scientific hypotheses, and even scientific theories, are not truth; they can be, and often are, wrong. Truth applies to things like mathematics or chess in which we write the rules. But truth never applies to our findings about nature, which are merely educated opinions based on scientists’ interpretations of observations.

"When authorities promote truth about science, progress stops. I am glad the Competition Bureau did not fall into this trap. Its time to open up, not shut down, the debate about climate change, one of the most complex and costly issues of our age."

Tom Harris

Executive Director - ICSC