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AKA "The Skeptical Housewife"

Journalist and Author
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Presentation Topic: 

Besides a summary of some of the basics of climate science and politics, Charlene Adam offers insights into the "religion" of global warming science. She provides explanations as to why media, industry, government, universities, scientists and individuals ignore scientific reason in favour of frightening rhetoric and potentially disastrous global agreements.

Ms. Adam also explains how average citizens are affected by increasing taxes and inane government rules as a result of the climate scare.

The public adopted global warming under the umbrella of a seemingly altruistic movement. But, as Ms. Adam explains, instead, it promotes the interests of large corporations, world institutions and non-governmental groups.

In this religion, faith has superseded reason. Ms. Adam reveals how misguided it is to cling to authoritative climate change leaders the way we once blindly followed priests and popes. Loud voices chide: “If we don’t act what will we tell our children?” Adam worries what we’ll tell them if we do act.

Charlene Adam - 2011

Recent Testimonial: 

"Charlene's take on the global warming juggernaut was refreshing and entertaining.  I recommend her "skeptical housewife" perspective to those seeking a more fun, practical and commonsense discussion of this very political topic."

- Peter Holle, President - Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP), October 18, 2011. View presentation advertisement.

Listen to Ms. Adam's presentation for the FCPP.

Summary Profile:

Charlene Adam is "The Skeptical Housewife". She is mother of three daughters and part-time humour and pet columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press. As such, she is able to approach the global warming topic at a level all of us can understand.

In particular, she’s applied her English and Sociology degree in a related field and found a way to prevent 12 years of Catholic training and three years of university religious courses from going to waste. She’s authored a book about a popular religion: Global Warming.

Her popular level book, "The Global Warming Book of Revelations", summarizes her findings about the global warming scare in simple language that cuts through the complex jargon most of us find so intimidating.

Ms. Adam's Book forms the basis of her presentations.