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Tanya Battista, teacher—Broadview Avenue Public School, Ottawa, Ontario (for presentation in June 2010):

"Mr. Harris prepared a slide show presentation in our school library for one of the grade 8 Gifted classes that was both informative and entertaining for the students...After the presentation, Mr. Harris opened up the floor for student questions". Through this question period, the class demonstrated great interest in the information that was presented and Mr. Harris gave detailed, informative answers, while using humour...He ensured a professional approach which ultimately allowed students to expand their thinking and consider different perspectives to an imperative topic." Read whole letter.

Alex Harris, teacherScience Department, Fellows High School, Pembroke, Ontario:

"Tom Harris spoke to a group of senior and junior students at Fellowes High School in May 2010...many students commented positively on the quality of the information and Tom's slideshow allowed them a glimpse of science in action...I would recommend Tom Harris as a speaker at your facility. Tom will challenge your students to think critically and analyze data as a healthy skeptic, skills necessary for all engaged in the physical sciences." Read whole letter.

Shane Box, Co-Science Department HeadJohn McCrae Secondary School, Ottawa, Ontario (for presentation 14/02/11):

"The feedback from the students has been very good and most importantly from our point of view has stimulated some excellent talk, discussions and thoughts."

Sebastian Marotta, climate change plenary co-chair2011 World Affairs Conference, Upper Canada College, Toronto (re: Tom’s debate with Bruce Cox, Executive DirectorGreenpeace Canada)

“I've spoken to several people and they think that our plenary was the most interesting and worthwhile of them all…. Thanks so much for this.  It was an amazing debate - I know everyone who saw it enjoyed it immensely.”

Exploring Kentucky's vast network of caves, 2009.

Professor Marianne Goodfellow, PhDDepartment of Greek and Roman Studies and Religion, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

"The lecture that you gave to my students on 10 February [2010], titled "Man's Awareness of Climate Change" was both interesting and stimulating. It fit in well with material in the textbook on geological processes and how climate change has affected various civilizations in the distant past, and your detailed explanations and illustrations added greatly to an understanding of the subject." Read whole letter.

Keith E. Garrison, Executive DirectorArkansas Waterways Commission:

"Your presentation to the 2008 Arkansas Governor's Conference on Waterborne Transportation was excellent, exceeding our expectations! I've received a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance, and no negative comments. Your supporting visuals were outstanding as was your riveting, yet listener-friendly delivery. This was the seventh consecutive year that I've organized the conference, so I am quite familiar with the attendees and how they respond to the presenters. I cannot recall a speaker or topic that got their attention to the degree you did, and held it to the end." Read whole letter.

Tom Harris presenting Copenhagen Climate Challenge in Denmark

Mahmood Khalid, PhD, ChairCFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) 2004 Organizing Committee and Head, Aerodynamics Laboratory, National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada:

"Your talk was well received and earned well-deserved praise from many participants." Read whole letter.

Jean Hetherington and Rich WatrichConference Directors, Science Council of the Alberta Teacher's Association (for presentation in November 1993):

"On behalf of the Alberta Teachers Association Science Council Conference, we thank you once again for your wonderful and exciting presentation on Saturday...Your presentation was certainly educational and informative for our delegates. We are certain they were able to take back many inspiring ideas back to the classroom..." Read whole letter.