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International Climate Science Coalition warns against basing Keystone XL pipeline decisions on unfounded greenhouse gas emission concerns

ICSC counters 24 hour anti-pipeline appeal by The Climate Reality Project, and other climate activists

Ottawa, Canada, February 13, 2012:  “In their deliberations about the Keystone XL pipeline, the United States Senate must completely ignore the alarmist and unfounded claims of Al Gore, and their climate campaigner allies,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) which is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.


"Other concerns about Keystone XL— the potential for oil spills and land rights issues—must be dealt with through appropriate safety measures, route selection and respectful negotiations with land owners,” concludes Harris. “But the idea that even a doubling the 0.1% of the world’s CO2 emissions, wrongly referred to as “carbon pollution” by Gore, that currently comes from the oil sands will somehow disrupt global climate is obviously unfounded.”

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Listen to February 15, 2012 follow-up radio interview with Tom Harris about the anti-Keystone XL movement on "The Jeff Allen Show", 570 News (CKGL AM), Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, simultaneously broadcast on Rogers Cable 20 across Canada.