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June 18, 2012: "Money corrupts peer-review process", by ICSC Chief Science Advisor and paleoclimatologist Professor Robert M. (Bob) Carter, PhD, of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University in Australia, published in the National Post, Canada.

"Many scientific journals, including prestigious internationally acclaimed ones, have now become captured by insider groups of leading researchers in particular fields. Researchers who act as editors of journals then select referees from within a closed circle of scientists who work in the same field and share similar views.

"The Climategate email leak in 2009 revealed for all to see that this cancerous process is at an advanced stage of development in climate science. A worldwide network of leading climate researchers were revealed to be actively influencing editors and referees to approve for publication only research that supported the IPCC’s alarmist view of global warming, and to prevent the publication of alternative or opposing views."

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