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July 18, 2013: "Use honeymoon period wisely - New environment minister Aglukkaq should ask questions her predecessors dared not", by Tom Harris and Dr. Tim Ball, published in various newspapers across Canada, The Lethbridge Herald being the most complete version.

"Aglukkaq can help dampen public concerns about man-made climate change, something many in the Conservative party, the Prime Minister included, know perfectly well is overblown, by doing one simple thing. She can order open, unbiased climate science hearings inviting testimony from reputable non-governmental experts from all sides of the debate.

"Climate campaigners such as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace will respond by condemning Aglukkaq as a ‘climate change denier’, a charge that apparently frightens strategists in the Prime Minister’s Office. But they need not be so afraid. An honest broker response from the new minister can be written by even the most junior communications staffer:

“'I have a responsibility to the people of Canada to quickly get up to speed on this complex and important topic,” Aglukkaq could say.'“The best way to do this is to hear from well-qualified experts from all reputable points of view. My experience with polar bear issues showed me that environmental activists are sometimes seriously wrong and so we need to carefully consider what true experts in the field have concluded.'"

Read whole piece in the Lethbridge Herald.